Welcome to SAMBO Federation of Australia

SAMBO is a martial art and a sport that is suitable for anyone from beginner to a seasoned martial arts expert.

SAMBO is currently gaining more and more popularity, as it is being introduced all over the world. In fact, SAMBO got a status of provisional recognition by the International Olympics Committee in November, 2018 and aims to become an Olympic sport in the near future.

Types of Training

Beach Sambo

Simple and effective way to train where you have access to the beach. Impressive and quick beach SAMBO is a great way to train if you would like an extra leg workout and soft surface to fall when practicing

Combat Sambo

Combative sport and martial art recognised all over the world which gives the opportunity to develop self-defence and attacking skills as well as wrestling and kicking, while wearing protective gear

Sport Sambo

Easiest to understand type of combative sport and martial art for everyone from beginners to experts. It offers a variety of techniques and gives an opportunity to practice a wide range of grappling styles

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