SAMBO Federation in Australia is a dynamic style of Martial art. For many years, several clubs and Associations worked independently and represented Australia in multiple National and International competitions. During 2019, SAMBO Federation of Australia (SFA) had successfully registered under President Savely Timofeev and successfully obtained a membership with International SAMBO Federation (FIAS). 

The establishment of the SFA brought the clubs together with clear organisation and focused training allowing athletes to achieve greater results. This was proven in late 2019 at the World SAMBO Championship in Seoul, S. Korea where Australia accomplished its best record since 2006. Currently the SFA has official representatives in New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland and Northern Territory.

In 2018 International SAMBO Federation (FIAS) obtained provisional recognition of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), meaning that FIAS embraces the Olympic Charter. As a member of International SAMBO Federation, SAMBO Federation of Australia accepts, follows and respects the same values.
All of the SFA coaches and professional athletes understand this powerful and effective sport with the goal of developing and participating in SAMBO across Australia and the Olympics.

The Australian SAMBO Federation is an inclusive Association that places equal importance in both the physical and social wellbeing of all its members. Whether you are a female, male, Indigines, Torres Strait Islander, have a disability or recently arrived in Australia the SFA is a respectful and safe place to learn SAMBO in either our adults or children’s class.

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