SAMBO Uniform
All members of SAMBO Federation in Australia, must have FIAS certified SAMBO Uniform,
to participate in ALL International competitions
Please reach us by any of the follow ways, so we can arrange needed gear/uniform that suits you
 Legal assistance 
We assist in the organization and founding of clubs, provide the required legal paperwork, and organize consultations. Any other document preparation needs related to SAMBO activity.

 Information assistance

We arrange seminars, personnel training (including referees, coaches, athletes) to FIAS standards. This is your first stop to receive information about SAMBO and services we provide.

 Material / technical support

We provide advertising products, informational booklets and provide competitor and referee uniforms. A campaign to spread the word about our SAMBO Federation and our services

 Social support  

We develop our own socially responsible programs and partake in federal and state programs which assist individuals and communities.

 FIAS Documentation

Sambo rules, regulations and certification. International Rules of organizing competitions

FAIS SAMBO documentation (click to follow)


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